Apostle Dr. Miz Mzwakhe Tancredi: A Visionary Leader Bridging the Divine and the Earthly

In a world where spirituality often takes a backseat to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Apostle Dr. Miz Mzwakhe Tancredi stands as a beacon of faith and transformation. Hailing from the scenic landscapes of Mpumalanga, South Africa, Apostle Tancredi is not just a minister; he’s a catalyst for change. We had the privilege of sitting down with him to discuss his journey, teachings, and the transformative power of faith.

The Family Man Behind the Ministry

Apostle Tancredi is not just a spiritual leader; he’s a devoted husband to his wife Charisma Tancredi and a loving father. His famous quote, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your wife,” resonates with millions worldwide, emphasizing his deep-rooted family values. He and his wife believe that marriage is a divine institution, a gift from God that serves as both a mystery and a ministry.

The Genesis of the International School of Ministry

To be involved in the online International School of Ministry, one only has to be passionate about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Prophetic School of Dreams is an online course within the school aimed at individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual connection, understand their divine purpose, and unlock the powerful key of dream interpretation. For those interested in embarking on this transformative journey, more details can be found at Prophetic School of Dreamers Registration.

When asked about the buzz surrounding his Prophetic School of Dreamers, Apostle Tancredi shared, “The initiative is born out of a deep yearning to bridge the gap between the divine messages we receive in our dreams and our understanding of them. Over the years, I’ve met countless souls seeking clarity on their dreams, and this platform is designed to empower them to discern and interpret these divine messages.”

The Dynamic Nature of the Prophetic

According to Dr.Tancredi, “The Prophetic is dynamic, not static.” The Prophetic is progressive–the dynamic side of the prophetic is how God will speak to His people, because God has different methods of speaking to his people. According to the Book of Numbers 12:6  God says, “I speak to other prophets in visions, I speak to other prophets in dreams; I speak to other Prophets face to face, and it is important for the prophetic to stand on two pillars. One is forthtelling and one is foretelling.”

Apostle Tancredi has a unique perspective on the prophetic. “You can be prophetic and not be a prophet. Similarly, you can be a prophet and not be prophetic,” he explains. “It all boils down to functionality. For instance, in Genesis 20:7, God refers to Abraham as a prophet, yet we never see Abraham prophesying. His ability to hear God and act upon His word made him a vessel in the prophetic. So, in essence, the prophetic is dynamic, not static. It’s about the methods or dynamics God uses to communicate with His people.”

A Journey of Faith and Transformation

Reflecting on his early years, Apostle Tancredi recalls the overwhelming emotions he felt when he received his divine calling at the age of 14. “I grappled with doubt and fear, and even questioned my worthiness. But over time, with prayer and divine guidance, I embraced my calling, realizing that when God calls, He equips.”

His early experiences shaped his approach to ministry, teaching him the essence of humility and unwavering faith. “When I founded the New Life Global Church, my vision was clear: to create a sanctuary of hope, transformation, and spiritual growth. My journey from a hesitant young preacher to leading a global ministry is a testament to God’s grace and guidance.”

A Message to the Youth

For young people who may be experiencing a divine calling but are hesitant, Apostle Tancredi has a message: “Trust in the Lord’s plan for you. Embrace your journey, seek guidance, and surround yourself with believers who uplift and support you. Remember, God doesn’t just call the equipped; He equips the called.”


Apostle Dr. Miz Mzwakhe Tancredi is more than just a spiritual leader; he’s a visionary who is transforming lives across the globe. His teachings, initiatives, and books continue to inspire and empower people, making him a transformative figure in the realm of spirituality.

Whether it’s through his online courses, his best-selling books, or his global ministry, Apostle Tancredi is a living testament to the transformative power of faith. And as he continues to expand his ministry and philanthropy, one thing is clear: the best is yet to come.