Royal Stag: Crafting Excellence through Vision and Dedication

In the realm of modern business, where innovation and determination pave the path to success, one individual has distinguished themselves by orchestrating a symphony of ventures that embody sophistication and accomplishment. Will Saputo, an embodiment of unwavering commitment and creative brilliance, stands as the visionary force behind the Royal Stag brand—a diverse collection of enterprises that reflect his entrepreneurial spirit and unparalleled dedication.

Saputo’s journey began within the familiar embrace of fast-food giant McDonald’s, where he took the reins of not one, but four units, generating a staggering $13 million in sales. His ascent to the peak of the industry was rapid, earning him the distinction of becoming the youngest approved McDonald’s operator at the tender age of 25. Now, 16 years into this journey, Saputo’s legacy within the franchise is firmly entrenched.

Will’s apprenticeship within the family business taught him values that transcended the ordinary. Wiping tables and scrubbing toilets from the age of 10, he imbibed the essence of dedication and hard work that would become the bedrock of his success. A true testament to the power of family, Saputo’s sister, three cousins, and two closest friends have all joined hands to continue his legacy, even as the old guard retired, passing on the torch of tradition and innovation.

Out of this foundation, the Royal Stag brand emerged—a testament to Saputo’s boundless creativity and strategic acumen. This property holdings empire stands tall with 10 full-time divisions, 13 part-time endeavors, and a network of suppliers that stretches into the hundreds. In the realm of property, Saputo’s brand now spans across two states, boasting a remarkable $1 million in sales. With an impressive portfolio of 15 upscale rentals, the brand is continually growing at a rate of 1 to 2 units per year, redefining luxury living with each addition.

Royal Stag’s foray into construction, with its Stag Construction arm, is equally awe-inspiring. A $5 million production in both 2021 and 2022 burgeoned to a remarkable $7 million in 2023, with an ambitious $12 million slated for 2024. What began as a venture to revamp properties soon expanded into the construction of game rooms, guest houses, glamping accommodations, and even high-end custom homes—a testament to Saputo’s ingenious ability to reinvent and innovate.

This innovation extends to the heart of Royal Stag Design, where the aesthetics of construction and property decoration blend seamlessly. But Saputo’s empire doesn’t rest solely on aesthetics; it encompasses practicality too. With divisions dedicated to maintenance, cleaning, and grounds, no stone is left unturned in ensuring that the Royal Stag brand is not just a name, but a lifestyle.

Yet, beyond bricks and mortar, the Royal Stag brand thrives in its unique dimensions. From aviation to vineyards, Saputo’s endeavors paint a portrait of a man who is equally at home in the sky as he is on the ground. With a team of four pilots, aviation training, air tours, and a private air wing, this is a man who dreams big and achieves even bigger.

The lush Yuba Vineyards, a dream that took root in 2019, now sprawl across 31 acres, silently commanding a presence that dwarfs its peers. But it’s perhaps Saputo’s Royal Stag Club that best exemplifies his ingenuity. With plans for the Huntsman House underway—a sprawling 26,000 square feet structure, three levels of luxury that house an 11-bed king suite boutique hotel, a gourmet restaurant, a tasting room, an exclusive gym and spa for adults, and a sophisticated cigar lounge—Saputo’s vision for the brand reaches a zenith of opulence.

A self-confessed numbers geek, investor, and design enthusiast, Will Saputo is not just a man but a maestro orchestrating a symphony of success. His secret lies in his ability to build mini-empires within his larger dominion. With nine trusted leads forming the core of his management team, the Royal Stag brand is a family where accountability is the cornerstone and no voice is louder than the other.

In an industry often fraught with chaos, Will Saputo stands as a paragon of organized efficiency. His journey, painted with the hues of hard work, dedication, and an unrelenting passion for innovation, has crafted not just a brand, but a legacy that embodies excellence. The Royal Stag brand is a tribute to his vision, a canvas where every stroke of creativity finds its place, and where the only limits are the horizons of his imagination.

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